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[26 Jan 2007|09:46pm]

Wow, it's been FOREVER since I've posted here. Crazy. I had major computer issues over the summer and just got my computer back in the beginning of January. I thank those of you who still have this journal friended SO SO SO MUCH but I'll most likely post my icons from now on over @ personal journal-- lovenote, see you there. :)
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;/!! [20 May 2006|11:43am]

[ mood | irritated ]

I'm so so sorry. I.. can't make icons?!!? I've completely lost my muse and well, my icon making "skills" apparently. Again, I'm so sorry. I'll try and attempt to finish all of icon interest meme asap.

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Icon Interest mememememe. [04 May 2006|11:14am]

[ mood | bored ]

Comment here and I'll randomly pick an interest of yours from your user info page and icon it. Note: I'll only make icons of certain subjects that interest me so hopefully you all have atleast one thing listed that I find interesting. ;]

I'll try and do them all as fast as I can. Look for them in an post sometime next week (hopefully).

Oh and I'm only taking the first 30 comments.


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